Kid Cudi is back with Big News !

Kid Cudi has decided to return and grace everybody with big news via Twitter last night ( remind you he has not used twitter since he deleted it back in 2009 ) . He has decided to announce that he will be dropping a mixtape entitled "A Kid Named Scott" which will focus mostly on rapping and will drop sometime this summer. He also announces that the visuals to "Maniac" will be directed by Shia-Lebeouf & will be released sometime soon . He also is trying to drop his rock-influenced album entitled " Wizard " sometime this summer . If that isn't enough information he also informs Twitter that he will be shooting for the new season of the HBO hit series " How To Make it in America " next month ! With all the info he has given out for this coming year , America can only wait in suspense to see what else the Man on the Moon has in store . Stay Tuned for more info !

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