Keri Hilson Pose Nude For Allure Magazine

Before all her hit songs, Hilson worked behind the scenes as a successful songwriter. Stepping out of the background was not as effortless as Hilson, 28, now makes it look. "The transition to being in front of the camera was very, very difficult," she says. "Everyone has their idea of what you should look like. 'You need to get into the gym.' 'You need to wear less clothes.' 'Wear dresses and skirts.' 'Put a weave in.' 'Cut your hair.' 'Color your hair.' There are so many ways that others tug at you." To Hilson, posing naked stripped her back down to her real self. "We do a lot of things to seek validation: I have to get more expensive handbags or fake lashes or fake boobs. This shoot was about dropping all that."

HUF Hupper 4/20 Pack

If last year’s multiple stoner day-dedicated kicks weren’t blatant enough, HUF has upped the ante with its 2011 April 20th-inspired Hupper. The twentieth day of the fourth month is known for being a celebration of going green (and we don’t mean recycling), so Keith Hufnagel and crew decorated this shoe’s upper with the leaves of Cannabis Sativa. Amateur horticulturalists, high school burn-outs and ailing glaucoma sufferers probably know this plant by another name Don’t forget to pick up one of the 420 total pairs produced on 4/20 from select stores like Premier. The only thing missing from this joint is a stash pocket.

OriginalFake "Hate Heart" T-Shirt

In a similar vein to the ever popular graphical line from COMME des GARCONS PLAY, KAWS and OriginalFake play around on their own accord with a heart theme. Seen in a new T-shirt release, the heart features KAWS’ own cartonification with his trademark aesthetic. The shirt is available in colors such as black, white and heather gray. Available soon through select stockists as well as online at OriginalFake.

Nike SB Dunk Low-Pro "Space Jam"

Here we offer up a closer look into the Nike SB Dunk Low-Pro “Space Jam,” an upcoming release which has been getting a bit of buzz over the past week. Produced to pay homage to the original Air Jordan XI “Space Jam,” the dunks mimic the overall aesthetic quite well, pairing a black patent leather upper with mesh paneling and all the details we’d expect, including round laces and special blue accenting. An official release is due in May 2011 through Nike SB retail accounts. How do these stack up to the XI?

The LeBrons Episode II "Stay On The Court"

Oftentimes, many of us try to impress others by stepping out of ourselves to be something/someone we are not. Instead, if we just simply stay true to who we are, that is more than enough to intrigue, impress and/or attract others. Episode 2 of “The LeBrons” preaches this observation. View the video above to see how being yourself can sometimes bring you the finest things in life.