Troopers' words regarding Japan's Disaster

This video is footage from the earthquake watch in Japan . The quake occurred at 14:46 JST 11 Mar 2011 . Our prayers and regards go out to the individuals who dwell in Japan . Mayor Bloomberg is making a relief effort and so is President Obama . "The United States stands ready to help the Japanese people in this time of great trial .The friendship and alliance between our two nations is unshakeable " -Obama .

Styling & Profiling : "1st Edition" w. Chris Aprel

Today , we are pleased to announce to you all : Styling & Profiling . Supporting the many styles and profiles of NYC and even across the US . Send in a full body picture , (& we mean full body) to TroopersNYC@gmail.com for info and a chance to be chosen . Now on to today's subject - @ChrisAprel .
Q: Age ?
A: 19

Q: Location ?
A: Brooklyn

Q: Occupation ?
A: Stylist

Q: Who Inspires Your Style ?
A: Karl Lagerfeld

Q: Favorite stores to shop ?
A: Oak NYC , Y-3 , & Bergdorf Goodman

Q: Shout Outs ?
A: ViVa Gang !